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成都望江宾馆 (Wangjiang Hotel)

地址:中国四川省成都市锦江区下沙河铺街42号 (No.42 Xiashahepu Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China)

成都“望江宾馆”, 成都市区唯一一家城市园林花园式五星级宾馆,占地150余亩,建馆已有七十余载,在绿茵环绕中盛放着宁静致远的美。这里常年绿荫浓盖,花鸟缤纷;亭台水榭,溪流潺潺,是一座天然氧吧。“店在景中,人在画中。”馆内修建设计处处用心传承精致,尽我们的心意,尊重和保留了大自然的精髓,清新,鸟语,庭院,花木。望江宾馆毗邻东沿线金融中心,紧邻东客站,地处壮大中的东侧CBD,公交、地铁方便可达。

Wangjiang Hotel Chengdu is the only five-star garden hotel in urban Chengdu. Covering a ground area of 150 mu, it is known for its beauty demonstrated in a tranquil and leafy environment. Here it is perennially green with various birds and flowers; it has terraces and waterside pavilions with streams running underneath and is a natural oxygen bar, presenting a scene where “the hotel blends in with the landscape and people are in the picture.” Decorations are perfectly finished with great craftsmanship everywhere, ensuring that the hotel maximally respects and preserves natural essence – fresh, lively with birds chirping, courtyard, plants … In proximity to the financial center in the Eastern Route and close to Chengdu East Railway Station, Wangjiang Hotel Chengdu is on the east side of the CBD that is growing rapidly and provides convenient access to public transportation by bus and subway.